Festival Cinema Africano Asia e America Latina


user research | ux design

Researched, designed and developed a user centered website to facilitate a totally online Festival Cinema Africano Asia America Latina of Milan


I supervised a team to create the project deliverables. The goal was to have a collection of main festival activities, guided by clear principles that could be combined together to create as simple and as complex experiences, as needed.

Project Summary

As the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival grew, it became increasingly important to achieve a consistent and visual language across all areas of the experience. It was clear that it needed more systematic ways to guide the users and leverage the strength of the brand.
We started from involving stakeholders and hunt for data sources. We mapped user needs, determined UX metrics and prototyped. Then, following principles of IXD, I designed and developed the website interface.


In 2020, 80% of Film Festivals were penalized by the COVID-19 pandemic. With closed cinemas and the need to go online, it was necessary to facilitate the fruition of the full programme to a rather elderly audience not completely comfortable with digital tools. At the same time, given the festival history, we had to keep in mind the KPIs without distorting the image of the organization.


Half our team conducted user interviews and surveys to discover the personas and identify user pain points in relation to the new online edition. Were they students, business people, retired? What was their comfort level with technology? How much experience do they have with the main topics of the Film Festival?
Stakeholders provided most of the detailed information we need to set the parameters of our work with regard to the content of the festival programme. These interviews gave us a way to understand the festival structure, to find the roles and to map the whole process of content use.
The findings quickly turned into Lo-fi wireframes.


The digital platform gave stakeholders a way to make a difference with a robust proposal for cultural community engagement. The audience was able to find out easily about the new edition’s programme and enjoyed streaming screenings hosted on an external platform. Some very good results were achieved, such as lowering the age of the audience and widening the geographical area of origin. I learned how to follow all the phases of a basic UX project.